2019 Billy Cart Derby – Scrutineering and Cart Types



The scrutineers job is to ensure the cart is safely constructed.


Items scrutineered

Cart attributes are to match weight, length, width and wheel dimensions

Axels are to be firmly attached

Wheels are firmly fixed to axels - split pins, lock nuts etc

Secure steering pivot 

Suitable amount of steering travel - lock to lock. Oversteering may be dangerous for kids.

For mechanical steering, right turn of wheel steers right and left turn of wheel steers left.

For rope steering - rope firmly attached and adequate foot control if a hand brake is used.

Functional brakes

Brake mechanism securely fixed

Seat securely fixed


Overall structural and functional design

Driver has gloves, well fitted helmet, closed in shoes. Recommended long shirts/pants or knee/elbow pads.


Cart Types

Length - from front wheel to rear of cart - Maximum 2100mm

Width - Maximum 1000mm

Wheel Diameter (inc tyres) - Maximum 1000mm

Number of wheels - 4 (four)

Brakes & Steering - Adequate to control and stop billy cart safely

Number of Drivers - 1 (one)