Terms and Conditions Page

Memberships Terms and Conditions

i) Will, as a member of the boat club, be bound by the constitution and rules of the club.
(Copy of the rules and regulations will supplied at time of nomination)
ii) Expressly absolve the Griffith Boat Club Inc. and its members from all liability arising out of my activities as a member of the Griffith Boat Club Inc.
iii) Acknowledge that if I am the sole owner or a joint owner of a registrable power boat, and or a personal water craft, I must at all times have the vessel registered with the NSW
Roads and Maritime Authority, and have a current third party policy of insurance with
appropriate cover for the towing of water skiers or flotation craft where applicable and
that this condition is fundamental to me remaining a member of the Griffith Boat Club Inc.
iv) Will have available for inspection my boat licence, boat registration and boat insurance
papers when requested by members of the committee, the caretaker or the police force.
v) Agree to be contacted via sms, email or phone to help at race meetings or working bees.
vi) Agree to attend the first scheduled Boat Club meeting to become full member.*** Failure to attend the first scheduled meeting will result in all privileges of the honorary member cancelled and must there after pay the entrance fee to enter the club, until the next monthly meeting is held to be approved as a member again. No concessions will be
granted, and no entry fees refunded.
(Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each Month at the Griffith Boat Club
Clubhouse commencing at 7.00 p.m. All are welcome!!)

Please remember that you need to renew your membership by the end of October, as after that you will become an un-financial member, and will need to pay the entry fee as you enter the club. You are still able to renew your membership at the Boat Club gate till the end of November without penalty. Renewals however, will not be accepted after the end of November, and from the 1st of December, you will need to re-apply for membership, and attend a monthly meeting to apply for membership again.

The nominated spouse or partner is the only other person entitled to enter on this membership.

If this is a dual membership and no spouse or partner is nominated, then the member is entitled to
bring in one guest per day, but the guest must enter with the member, or the member must meet the
guest at the gate. The guest can-not enter with-out the member being present.

Hut Lease Terms and Conditions

1. A new lease agreement to be signed every year by nominated hut owner or lease is not valid.
2. Fees must be paid with membership renewal. Failure to pay with membership will cause lease to lapse, all life members are to pay for hut leases. As no new hut leases will be entered into, any leases that are failed to be renewed will be resumed by the club and no correspondence will be entered into.
3. I state the hut is in sound and safe condition, with no loose sheets, no unsightly rust or rotten timber.
4. Area around hut to be kept clean and tidy. No items to be left in or around hut unless the hut is  locked up.
5. The Griffith Boat Club is not responsible for any items left in the huts.
6. Huts cannot be sold or transferred.
7. Any permanent electrical wiring must be tested each year and proof provided by a qualified electrician that the installation is tested and safe before a hut lease will be accepted, powered huts (permanently wired or lead used permanently) attract a $50 additional lease fee.

General and Safety Rules of the Griffith Boat Club

1. Safety is our premium concern. At all times any member or visitor must observe, and adhere to Water Traffic Regulations, as well as local club rules.
2. All vessels must navigate the lake in an anti-clockwise direction keeping the shore on your starboard side closest to the vessel.
3. All boats must have a copy of current registration and insurance for boating AND skiing with the driver, or in the vessel, and show these to the committee on request.
4. Any person operating a vessel must be duly licenced to operate that vessel.
5. The 4 knot zone out from the foreshore (indicated by buoys) must be observed by all
vessels, and must only idle in, when within this zone. There is a four knot zone towards the
sailing club also, indicated by marker bouys so be aware.
6. Incoming boats towing skiers etc, have right of way over boats leaving the shore. Boats coming in with out skiers must give way to boats leaving the shore towing skiers out.
7. Incoming boats with skiers or boarders must stay safely outside the 4 knot marker buoys, and 60mtr’s from any person in the water.
8. Skiers or boarders coming in MUST DROP THEIR ROPE OUTSIDE THE 4 KNOT ZONE. This is to avoid injury from ropes, to swimmers and children in the 4 knot zone around the shoreline. Boats are then to travel to a safe distance, to the middle of the lake to pull in the ropes, out of the way of other boats.
9. If skiers are not capable of moving outside the boat wash to cross safely into the 4 knot zone, the driver must drop the skier in the middle of the lake, then pick them up into the boat, and bring them back to the shore in the boat.
10. When coming back to shore with people on an inflatable raft, the person/’s must stay on the raft till they are pulled within the 4 knot zone, people are not to enter the water outside the 4 knot buoys to prevent possible accidents with following boats.
11. An observer must be aged over 16 or hold a junior boat licence and must be in a boat at all times when towing skiers, boarders or inflatable raft. If passing people in the water the observer or driver are to signal warning to the people being towed by raising their arm on the side towards the people in the water, and driver to keep the vessel 60mtr’s away from them.
12. There is strictly a maximum of 3 people to be towed at any one time as per Maritime Water Traffic regulations. Similarly, a jet-ski must be capable of having two passengers to tow a skier or biscuit, as there must be an observer on board facing the person being towed.
13.All boats must be fitted with regulation safety equipment, including life jackets for all
people on board, an anchor, oar, fire extinguisher, torch, whistle or boat horn, etc.

*** Failure to observe these rules could result in loss of licence or club membership.